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VIVE was established in 2014 to help immigrants in crisis situations and believes in
the inclusivity of all people from all walks of life. We believe in the concept that God
created man and woman in His image; Therefore, we seek to help people from all
cultures, religions, languages, races, and backgrounds.

We are called to learn about and support people where they are in life with their abilities and disabilities in order to help them gain the best possible life. This freedom is not the same in different cultures and we seek to understand people’s backgrounds to efficiently share the good news of hope with them. By being flexible in understanding people from other cultures, we will gain the most for society.

Our Clients

VIVE serves immigrants, refugees, and minorities in their disparities who need representation and access to resources to live a life with dignity and free from fear. VIVE recognizes the challenges that people face without knowing their rights nor the resources available to gain peace of mind. Many individuals come from corrupt societies which can make them apprehensive to seek assistance when confronted with harassment, abuse, rape, and harsh work environments. VIVE prides itself in educating individuals to seek the best resources to help them feel safe in their environment.

VIVE supports families seeking power of attorney to help safeguard their children in cases of deportation and helps connect people from all religious background to local attorneys. VIVE helps many individuals in cases of domestic violence by preparing legal documents for them, finding available resources, counseling, seeking shelter, and much more to keep them safe. Many different developing countries, there are no laws protecting family members of spousal abuse, but in the United States, there are laws that help to protect individuals and their children from abuse.

One of the main services that VIVE provides daily, is educating people about their taxes and residential responsibilities. By providing the proper paperwork and documents, VIVE can help individuals to live and work legally in the United States. In conclusion, VIVE has a broad range of clientele and services that it provides and is a much-needed resource in Bradley County. We pray for your prayers and support!

Our Team

John and Shady Hernandez are dedicated to immigrants in Bradley County and are both members of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Human Rights Coalition. John Hernandez is a retired police officer from the Puerto Rico State Police but is still working in our community and holds an associate degree in Criminal Justice. With his background, experience, and expertise, John is an invaluable asset to the organization.

Shady Hernandez holds a master’s degree in Human Services and is currently a Board-Certified Practitioner. Her passion for immigrants and refugees comes from her childhood experience as a missionary child. Through her childhood, Shady was exposed to the different needs people have and the lack of legal representation. Her goal in life is to advocate for people in need.

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